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Everything You Need to Know About Your Online Beauty Store

     Considered to be a leading Beauty Store, Essentially Intimate has made a breakthrough in the industry since its founding in 2000. Established on the foundations of dedication and commitment, Essentially Intimate provides exceptional beauty products, services, and expertise to a wide range of clients. Our skin care products are made with supreme products. 

        Our team of beauty professionals are here to address all your beauty needs, making sure you are satisfied with your next purchase. Over the years, our company has expanded its selection of beauty products as well as the brands we work with. Please take the time to view our full selection of skin care products. We have products for all your skin care needs. 

         Essentially Intimate is a brand established by myself  Toya Alford Smith.  Being a nurse and frequently having to wash my hands and use harsh alcohol based products I realized the importance of keeping skin healthy, intact and moisturized. I also had children with skin conditions such as eczema and realized the importance of pure, trustworthy products to protect my loved ones. I started making my own lotions and moisturizers for friends and loved ones. 

     My products are made with only trusted natural substances and I also offer a full organic line. I know that beauty products can be costly and my goal is to keep our cost affordable without sacrificing quality. It is our hope that you will enjoy our products and learn to love the skin that you are in. These products will only enhance the beauty you will already have. I thank you for choosing Essentially Intimate. Essential skin care for all your skin care needs. 



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